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Ian Neale

Global CEO Travel Group

With over 20 years travel experience, Ian has a wealth of expertise in the luxury travel sector and has visited every continent many times. He has organised many travel experiences for people in the music and entertainment business and captains of industry, all discerning travellers, who have a passion for the finer things in life. There is never any dust on Ian's passport, as he likes to jet off with his family, or for business - his favourite destination by far is Iceland; in contrast, the exotic destinations of Singapore and Hong Kong hold a special place in his heart. Out of work, Ian enjoys visiting Le Mans for the 24 hour race and of course imbibing in a glass or two of fine wine and good food! He is a Land Rover off-road enthusiast and is known to have at least six of them over recent years.

Kelly Grumbach

General Manager

Kelly's passion for cultural exploration and travel began at a very young age. Growing up in New York City, where she was surrounded by a vibrant international community exposing her to a wide variety of cultures and multinational individuals. Kelly lived and worked in Paris, speaks both French and Korean and notes that her most memorable travel experiences have been directly linked to specific cuisines or memorable meals. Some of her most notable gastro-travel memories derive from outings in Marrakesh, Padova, S’Agaro and Villefranche sur Mer.

Rocio Huete


Rocio lived in the USA for 11 years and graduated with a degree in Biochemistry . She has been in family lifestyle management for more than three decades as mother and gran mother of a huge family with a strong focus on customer service. In 1998 she started her own company , first as a broker for MVCI and in 2004 with her own travel and event company. She loves her work in international travel & lifestyle as it provides her with the perfect setting to pursue her interest in contemporary cultural and artistic trends and allows her to share her passion with others. The above photo was taken at Shanghai World Financial Center and reflects her risky personality: “always pushing boundaries beyond the established path and trying to smile at the same time”. She has now found the perfect match to make her dream go global as owner of Quintessentially Travel and Lifestyle SPAIN.

Eldi Lau

Head of Travel Sales, Hong Kong

After graduating with an impressive First Class Honours in B.Sc Tourism Management from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, it was clear that Eldi would be pursuing her passion in Travel! The journey started with working as a Corporate Travel Placement Trainee at John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd. During the last few years, Eldi has visited many beautiful countries including Italy, Austria, Sweden, Thailand and Korea to name a few. Her favourite places visited are Sicily, Capri, Aurora Chasing tour on the Arctic Circle and Zermatt. Eldi loves to discover exotic destinations, always on the lookout for new experiences and loves travelling around Europe!

Adam Botha

Group Finance Director

With over 10 years of corporate finance experience, Adam’s previous position as the Financial Manager at a private game reserve in South Africa confirmed his passion for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Adam's love of travel has taken him to the far corners of the globe. If he is not in the office, then you will find him on the golf course or on safari somewhere in Africa.

Jenny Graham

Managing Director

Born and bred in the Emerald Isle, Jenny started her career in event management and PR specialising in international real estate, before being lured into the world of travel at Quintessentially, to head up the the Travel Group. A serial jetsetter who is most at home exploring faraway lands, Jenny's passion for travel has taken her far and wide - so whether it be ice climbing the Franz Joseph Glacier, working with the big 5 in South Africa, climbing Kilimanjaro, canoeing across Scotland, sky diving in Hawaii, basking in the sun in Zanzibar or sailing in Ibiza, Jenny is always on the lookout for her next adventure.... and business opportunity.

Samantha Mullen

Product Director

Sam is lucky enough to have 2 passports – Australian and British and it is fair to say she has made the most of them! An inter-railing trip around Europe first gave her the travel bug when she was 17 and since then she has travelled extensively throughout Australia, Asia, India and USA amongst others. Following the tried and tested year out route post-university Sam joined the travel industry where she has now worked for 15 years. Her favourite destinations change all the time; California has been at the top for the past two years but she is now looking for a new candidate to replace it with. When not travelling Sam is an avid reader and keen amateur photographer.

Jocelyn Gammon

Senior Travel Specialist

Jocelyn’s interests in arts and culture, as well as all things Epicurean have led her to many places. A New Englander by birth and at heart, Jocelyn grew up in Portland, Maine, leaving to study music and theater in both Pennsylvania and abroad in London. She has traveled in Europe, North America and Asia, with Santorini, Greece, and Hanoi, Vietnam among her favorite locales. Jocelyn recently spent a year living in Thailand teaching piano lessons and kindergarten, eating street food, and exploring Southeast Asia. She is happy to call New York City home now.

Marta Hernández

Marketing Manager

Born in Barcelona, Marta is passionate about exploring the world and she has been lucky to travel extensively from a young age. After living in the north of Spain during 4 years (where she enjoyed of another of her passions: great food) she moved to Madrid, where she kept specializing in marketing. She also had her international experience in Buenos Aires where she lived and worked more than two years. Back to Spain, she is thrilled to have found a place for herself at Quintessentially. If she is not in the office, you can find her laying out on a Costa Brava beach, skiing in Bariloche, visiting a temple in Japan or horse riding in a Zanzibar beach. Although Marta has visited and lived in other cities, she believes there is none as great as Barcelona!

Cristina Fernandez

Administration & Travel Designer

As a graduate in Law school and later majored in Interior design she has a very different journey from the rest of the team. Her love for this industry came while working for hotel interior designs around the globe. She is married to a pilot which whom she travels constantly, specially to her favorite destination relaxing in the Caribbean. Her favorite Island without a doubt is St Barts where you will experience the beautiful island life with all the commodities we may need. Her other passion is travelling to Andorra with her family where she enjoys the slopes and hot drinks next to the fire place. Her worldwide experience is a great addition to the Quintessentially Travel Family group.

Marta López-Fanjul

General Manager

Though her passport is Spanish Marta spend most of her early ages living all over the globe in more than 10 different countries. She remembers her constant moving as an amazing an enriching experience which created her passion for travel and tourism. She graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration from a prestigious Hotel Management School in Switzerland and started her career in hotels like Ritz-Carlton and One and only, her next step took her back to her roots this time in the Spanish Capital of Madrid where she now leads the great Quintessentially Travel Team. He life-changing experiences include her road trip through Sri Lanka, scuba diving with sharks in French Polynesia and her recent trip to Thailand. Now she is looking forward to creating memories of a lifetime with the Quintessentially Travel team.

Hassan Sajwani

CEO Dubai

Hassan ha sido un empresario desde los primeros días de su vida. Viniendo de un fondo familiar de iniciar y administrar los negocios le ayudaron a iniciar con éxito y gestionar su propia cartera de negocios y la inversión, en el sector inmobiliario y los Mercados de Valores. Él es una persona de la gente cuya pasión es viajar y disfrutar de las mejores cosas en la vida. Él siempre está en la búsqueda de lugares y experiencias únicas que le encanta compartir, esto lo puso en el mundo viajan a Quintessentially. Sus pasatiempos incluyen la pesca de altura, la socialización, bellas cocinas y coches.

Lola Vogiatzi

Head of Operations and Business Development

Originally coming from Greece, Lola has been exploring the world seeking for the best culinary and cultural experiences! She loves travelling, meeting new cultures and people from all around the world. She joined Quintessentially group in 2011 Athens and then headed the creation of a luxury travel brand in Athens. She moved to Dubai in 2015 and joined the Quintessentially travel team as the Head of Operations and business development. Her bucket list is long, currently focusing in exploring in depth the Middle East!

Lily Read

Senior Travel Manager

Lily’s travel bug is something that runs in her blood; her grandfather was explorer Sebastian Snow, and since she was young she longed to follow his footsteps around South America. Six months spent travelling through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile wasn’t enough, and since she has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to explore many more corners of the world including snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of Maldives, luxury safari lodges in Kenya’s Masaai Mara, Tanzania’s spice island Zanzibar, Antigua’s 365 beaches, the wineries of Northern California, along with a number of European city and ski breaks. Her list is endless; the more she sees, the longer it gets... the best excuse to carry on travelling! Next stop is a road trip up the East Coast of Australia.

Francesca Venturi

Incentives Manager

Francesca joined the team five years ago. She is a passionate believer in the positive impact experiences can have on brands. Her creative flair and strategic direction have assisted in both curating and delivering a range of exciting events for global luxury brands. Her favourite destinations so far have been Montana, California and Japan – where she spent over a month exploring the vast county. Next on the list is Chile or Nepal!

Arjumand Mirza

Vida práctica Viajes Gerente

Nacido de un hombre de negocios dinámico y un padre Dr. madre, ser ambicioso era inherente, y tal vez, un poco para convertirse en forma de vida! Arjumand comenzó su carrera en la industria de los viajes, hace poco más de una década en el Sultanato de Omán, uno de los más pintoresco país de región del CCG. Más tarde, se trasladó a los Emiratos Árabes Unidos para completar su postgrado en Negocios Internacionales de la Universidad de Wollongong en Dubai. Desde entonces no había vuelta atrás. Trabajando con algunos de los mejores empleadores de la industria a través de los años, ella ganó experiencias enriquecedoras con Emirates Airlines, Six Senses Resorts & Spas, Anahita Resort Mauritius, Ananda Spa en el Himalaya y Suiza Turismo. Apasionado por la adición de valor a través de experiencias únicas y ofrendas de élite, su empresa a Quintessentially viaje es un ajuste perfecto.

Sophie Hughes

Travel Manager

Whether it be delving into the depths of Angkor Wat, climbing Borneo’s vast Mount Kinabalu, or diving into the lagoons of Oman, Sophie has had an adventurous passion for travel since she could walk. Whilst remote and unexplored regions of the world remain at the top of her to do list, Sophie is also in her element when absorbed into the hustle and bustle of some of the world’s most vibrant cities, with New York and Miami being two of her most desired destinations to live. In her spare time, you might find her reconnoitring exciting new restaurants and experimenting with new cuisines.

Jessica Moretti

EA to Ian Neale & Alexandra Sloboda, Q Aviation

Having an Italian background, Jessica’s love for the Mediterranean and travel grew from an early age after spending every summer visiting family from all round Italy. After her studies, Jessica took a year out to travel round Asia and Australia doing everything from snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef to taking cooking lessons in a small village outside of Shanghai. In late 2010, Jessica started at Quintessentially Aviation and soon progressed as Executive Assistant for Quintessentially Travel Group. Jessica enjoys networking with other PA’s in London and the occasional helicopter ride.

Jemima Scott

Product and Partnerships Executive

Combining her love of food and adventure, Jemima’s taste for travel had never been so sweet. Over the years, Jemima’s love for travel has grown stronger and stronger; her most memorable trips so far include: volunteering on a game reserve in South Africa, exploring the fast-paced cities of the Middle East, teaching Vietnamese children English in Hanoi and working on in an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia. Always eager to increase the number of stamps in her passport, Jemima looks forward to her next challenge as travel’s Partnerships Executive.

Valentina Orselli

Travel Manager

A life in Travel has always been the one and only choice for Valentina. The obsession began during a round the world trip with her best friend when she was only 16 and was cemented when she spent 7 months living in the Guyanese rainforest two year later. Valentina is most content with life when wandering around the different food markets everywhere she goes, and then trying her hand at cooking the local cuisine- with Tuscan food being her number one! If Valentina could live anywhere in the world it would definitely be beachside – think paradise island and a thick paperback book any day! Even when at home she is most likely to be found wandering the beaches of North Norfolk with her family dog Percy.

Eloise Bliss

Travel Executive

Eloise has a passion for art, photography and culture which has encouraged her to explore fantastic destinations all over the world. After studying a degree in Art History where she specialized in Italian art she grew a love for the historic city of Florence. She spent weeks delving into the Florentine culture where was able to study but also practice her favourite hobby - photography . Typically she spends her summers under the Spanish sun on the island of Mallorca where her family resides in an idyllic classical Finca which is surrounded by olive groves. Either snow, sun or city holidays, she loves them all – her favourite being a road trip across Florida from Naples to Miami. Eloise also spent a year exploring Thailand and the East Coast of Australia where she met some amazing people and saw some exciting, vibrant places. Her next desired destination is South America!

Katie Macdonald

Travel Manager

Katie has always been an avid follower of sun or snow, lucky enough to have a crazy holiday loving family she caught the travel bug early on from her mother who is rarely home for two seconds before her next adventure. Whether its swimming with wild dolphins off the coast of St Lucia, following cheetah’s in the early morning South African sun or going trekking through the alps in search of the fresh snow there is nothing more exciting than exploring somewhere new. With a passport packed with stamps and an endless bucket list of ideas, if she goes missing you’ll be sure to find Katie on one of the deserted beaches of the San Blas Islands just off the Panama Coast.

Minty Martin

Sales Support Executive

Minty first caught the travelling bug when she spent six months exploring South America. From enjoying the beautiful beaches of Brazil to taking in the stunning scenery in Patagonia, from driving across the Salt Flats in Bolivia to admiring the wildlife in the Amazon and climbing Machu Picchu in Peru, Minty made the memories of a lifetime. She became fascinated by the differing cultures and wonderful experiences that each country had to offer, making her totally fall in love with this area of the world. Having recently visited Columbia and Cuba, Central America is next on her list.

Tash Barnett

Incentives Executive

Tash’s love of travel was inspired by her parents. From a very young age she has journeyed to unique destinations fuelling her passion for both travel and adventure. Whether she's exploring the wildlife at a dude ranch in Arizona, taking on the highest roller coaster in Las Vegas or great white cage diving in South Africa, it’s fair to say that thrill-seeking and travel go hand-in-hand for Tash. As a sun worshipper, she also finds time to relax by exploring new and exotic beach destinations. With a background in the music and events industry, Tash is also passionate about music of all types.

Tom Harrington

Account Director

As Tom’s first word was "Go!", it has always been certain that his passion for travel and cars would play a major role in his life. From driving to Monte Carlo from London, to hiring the biggest car he could find in San Francisco, Tom’s adventures usually always involve wheels. Now managing Aston Martin’s Art of Living Customer Experience Programme - Tom comes to Quintessentially Travel having worked with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Jaguar Land Rover on some of their largest global events as well as one of the UK’s leading auction houses. Tom is shown here in the passenger seat, navigating a 1934 Lagonda M45 on the RAC’s 1000 Mile Trial in 2015.

Odette Peel

Incentives Manager

A travel angel chasing sunsets, Odette is also known as the family’s personal travel agent. Born in Zimbabwe, (home to one of the natural wonders of the world), Odette grew up on family holidays to South Africa & Botswana. However, it was when Odette first visited family in England that she developed her wanderlust to explore countries and cultures different to her own. Destinations that have blown her away include; Cuba, New Zealand and Japan, but of course nothing beats an African sunset. Aside from travel, her main passion is her job, having worked in the industry for over 6 years managing events across the globe she is fanatic about the small details and exceeding client expectations. When she is not travelling for business or pleasure, you can find her on a dancefloor improving her Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba skills!

Emma North

Head of Incentives

With a strong background in luxury travel, Emma has a wealth of high-end events and incentives experience, regularly working with exclusive and VIP clients. She has been lucky enough to spend the last seven years travelling the globe, fulfilling a multitude of complex incentive programmes and ticking off many a bucket-list moment in the process. She is passionate about creating extraordinary experiences and unique moments that are truly one of a kind, and executing them in remarkable destinations. Currently, she is taking a break from animal travel experiences after two back-to-back events where she was chased by a hippo in Zambia one week, and then confronted by an angry Brown bear in Alaska the next! Emma is honoured and excited to be working with Quintessentially Travel to grow the Incentives team.

Tara Djumisic

Travel Executive

Born in the United States, Tara has also lived in France and Switzerland. Traveling has always been one of her passions and thanks to parents working for the Olympics, she's visited 35 countries ranging from Namibia, Tibet and Brazil to Finland, Zanzibar and Hayman Island. Some of her most memorable experiences include canoeing with rays in the Maldives, walking with monkeys in Bali and lions in Zambia, visiting the tribe of Masai Mara in Kenya, going to the Iguazu Falls and many more adventures. Graduating from Glion Institute of Higher Education with a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management, her four years there were a turning point, as she realised she wanted to work in an industry where she could use her sense of hospitality and provide the best service for clients.

Kara Christofferson

Travel Specialist

Kara’s passion for travel was first sparked by hearing stories of her parents’ adventures backpacking through Europe. As part of a large family who prioritized experiences, Kara from an early age was fortunate to travel far and wide for family holidays and large family reunions. A long time lover of the arts, music, and fitness, Kara studied acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. During her semester abroad in Barcelona, Kara took advantage of every opportunity to explore other European cities. Kara most recently lived in Los Angeles for three years teaching Soul Cycle and exploring the West Coast. New York has always been first in her heart, but her other favorite places include South Africa, St. Tropez, Croatia, and Berlin.

Charlotte Ho

Travel Executive

After working for a few years in high-end hotel industry, Charlotte decided to pursue her dream and start a career in luxury travel. Charlotte loves discovering new cultures and vibrant cities and always has her photo camera ready in order not to miss a perfect image for her social media travel blog. Charlotte’s biggest passion in life is to visit every country in the world and she believes that Quintessentially Travel will help her to achieve her travel endeavours. As a foodie, she always enjoys gourmet food when she travels and some of her favourite dishes include Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore, Sukiyaki in Tokyo and Peking duck in Beijing. Egypt and Greece are on Charlotte’s 2018 travel wish list!

Hei Yan Kwan

Travel Executive

One of Hei Yan's favourite quotes is: "The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page." He started travelling around South East Asia, China and America for training and competitions when he was a swimmer in high school. He likes to get to know and make friends with locals, exploring destinations with them and making memories of a lifetime. After graduating hotelier school and working at luxury hotels in Hong Kong, Hei Yan decided to start his career in luxury travel to continue his journey to explore the world.

Beth Lee

Travel Manager

Beth is a ‘culture vulture’. She moved from Wales to London at the age of 18 to study Performing Arts and fully immerse herself in the city’s big lights and people. She first caught the travel bug during a solo excursion to South of France for a TV commercial. Since then she’s spent a year living in Germany exploring different Bierkellers, 4 months in India feeding monkeys in temples, paragliding off the Babadag mountain in Turkey, swimming with dolphins in Sri Lanka & island hopping in Croatia. Next on her destination list is Cape Town.

Paola Castillo

Travel Specialist

Originally from Mexico, Paola has always had the wanderlust spirit. Splitting her life between Tijuana and San Diego, she was brought up with a mix of both cultures at the same time. Lived in Paris for a summer at 18 years old, then went on to study Business Marketing with a minor in Hospitality management at San Francisco State University. Travel is the one thing Paola has always had a passion since she can remember; Traveling to places like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Cuba, and of course, almost all of Mexico. South America is on her 2017 list of travel.

Grace Nevins

Travel Specialist

Having been raised by parents who traveled to many continents of the world for business, Grace was fortunate to have lived in many places including London, Massachusetts, Hong Kong, Sonoma and Hawaii. As a young girl, she has developed a passion for travel and discovering new, exciting places. In most recent years, she has traveled on her own across the globe exploring many different cultures, and foreign lands. While she is a ‘foodie’, she yearns most for adventure, whether it’s skydiving on the Big Island of Hawaii or gliding in the South of France.