My Island Home, Amilla Fushi


Amilla Fushi when translated means ‘My Island Home.’ And it felt just that when I went to stay!

On arrival to Male, I was picked up from the jetty in a new super yacht that glided effortlessly through the crystal blue water. Talk about travelling in style! After a short 20 minutes on the water, we arrived at Amilla Fushi and my first thoughts were how surprisingly small it was which is actually what made it so special for me in the end. The island had a totally relaxed vibe to it; integrating nature with the resort to produce a harmonious atmosphere. It is a relatively new resort, set in the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with beautiful clear waters and vibrant sea life. The property itself is built around the jungle, lining it with palm trees all bearing fresh bauble green coconuts. It truly was paradise.

Strolling down the white sandy path I was taken to my room for the next few nights. Having stayed in many island resorts, I thought I was about to stay in a small bungalow home on the outskirts of the island… however this was not the case for Amilla Fushi - I was overwhelmed to have told I was staying in a ‘Beach House.’ There were four different types of residences you could choose from to stay in, but I have to admit the ‘Beach House’ was incredible. It was totally secluded, surrounded by jungle and vegetation. It had its own private swimming pool that looked straight out over the turquoise waters. I stayed in a 2 bedroomed house which was incredibly spacious. It could easily sleep 6 due to the second room having bunk beds and twin beds. They are perfect for families and you can even have private catering for them, helping you feel like a VVIP. However tempting that was for me, I opted against it as I wanted to taste as many dishes as possible from the resorts’ 5 amazing restaurants. One of which was Lonu, which I highly recommend; here they fuse some of the highest quality local produce and exotic ingredients from East and West and for me, I had some of the best sushi I have ever had; it was all so fresh!

The resort offers a wide range of activities as well as a great spa which can be found on a completely separate part of the island, leaving you feeling ultra-relaxed in this hideaway. Another ‘hideaway’ surprise which I highly recommend is trying yoga on one of their remote islands; here you can feel totally at one, with the beautiful ocean surrounding you.

I left the island feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend this property, for families or couples alike. It was simply beautiful and felt like my very own island home...

By Lara Cruickshank

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